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Проблемы анализа = Issues of Analysis. 2020. Т. 9 (27). № 1
: научный журнал
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Iterated G–fractional vector representation formulae and inequalities for Вanah space valued functions
Fixed point results for Hardy-Rogers type contractions with respect to a C-distance ingraphical cone metric space
Generalized Kantorovich constant, a new formulation and properties
On some inequalities for τ-measurable operators
Estimate of the maximum product of inner radii of non-overlapping domains
The analysis of bifurcation solutions of the Camassa-Holm equation by angular singularities
Hyperholomorphic functions with values in a modified form of quaternions
Finite integral formula involving Aleph-function and Generalized Mittag-Leffler function
Weighted riesz bases in G-fusion frames and their perturbation

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Описание документа
Проблемы анализа = Issues of Analysis : научный журнал / Петрозав. гос. ун-т ; гл. ред. В. В. Старков. — Петрозаводск, 2020. — Т. 9 (27), № 1. — 127 с. — ISSN 2306-3424. — Текст : электронный.
Издатель: Петрозаводский государственный университет

Copyright: Петрозаводский государственный университет

Место издания: Петрозаводск

Год издания:2020

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